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nak menjahit..jarum pulak patah.. tapi entriii menjahit tetap ada...
done this...boleh diletakkan  fabric yang dibeli.. fanatic sudah dengan fabric bagai.. adeh..
nie lah hasilnya.. bila dah tersangat rasa ingin memiliki fabric-fabric tersebut.. hihihi.. online shopping lorr..

why chiller 1,2,3 trip

chiller 1,2,3 trip at the same time what to do.. check setting point for pressure  pump.. reduce setting point at BAS (Building Automation system) for valve can reduce performance  because chiller already have primary pump secondary pump just for support.. pressure reduce ..chiller dont have problem with water flow... agree..hihi coz..big chiller performance at 50% both chiller.. em..light load ...can start running only 2 chiller (1 big and 1 small chiller)