Friday, July 1, 2011

cooling tower overflow

cooling tower overflow

Decreasing Water Use via Regular Cooling Tower Maintenance 
- Regularly check the makeup water float and valve for correct setting and leakage. An incorrect 
  setting, or valve leakage, can cause constant cooling tower overflow resulting in substantial 
  excess water usage. 
- To reduce water loss from cooling tower drift, water suspended in the air flow through the unit,    
   ensure that the unit drift eliminators are in good working order. 
- Regularly check the seals in the cooling system recirculation pump(s) for leakage, repair any 
   leakage immediately. 
- Routinely review the entire cooling system piping system for any leakage, repair immediately. 
- Prevent any cooling water overflow from the system during cooling tower shutdowns by 
   installing a check valve on the pump discharge and ensuring that the cooling tower sump, or 
   cold well, is properly level controlled and of sufficient size to contain all drain down. 
- Conductivity meter/controllers are commonly used for control of cooling tower blowdown, a 
   fouled conductivity probe leads to inaccurate measurement and can cause excessive water use 
   via unneeded blowdown. Conductivity controllers should be calibrated on a routine basis and 
   serviced as needed or replaced by trouble free makeup proportional blowdown controllers. 
- Ensure that the fill in the cooling tower is in good condition to obtain optimum cooling and 
   reduced drift. 
- Make sure that the water distribution system in the cooling tower is clean and maintains an even, 
   consistent flow across the fill. 
- If several cooling tower units are used in parallel, confirm that the return water distribution 
   manifold is appropriate and not overloading individual units.  
- Regularly check the blowdown valve to ensure that it is operating properly, a stuck shut valve 
  will cause overcycling with scale formation, while a stuck open valve will cause undercycling 
  and excessive water loss. We recommend installation of a cleanable Y or basket strainer in front 
  of the blowdown valve to minimize plugging problems

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