Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Bean - Sterilizer & Warmer

survey..punya survey..
beli juga
warmer nie..
harga boleh tahan murah..
apalagi terus rembat je lah....
memandangkan tiub spectra 3 saya dah
macam ader kulat nak membiak
setelah tersimpan dalam tong selama 6 bulan kot
beli jelah yang baru.......
ice pack saya
1 dah selamat..angkara saya jugak..hihi
yang satu lagi tu pun hidup segan mati tak mau..
toys tu..beli sebab nak cukup kan rm 200..
free shipping k.

item yang telah dibeli

The Coloria Beanie Toy


Little Bean - Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack (BPA FREE) *Value S


Autumnz - Reusable Ice Pack (3 pcs, 310g/pc)


Spectra - Tubing


Tips..membeli ice pack yang telah di "copy" dari http://www.onebabyworld.com

BUYING TIPS: To help you get the right ice pack that will preserve cool temperature for a long period of time, consider the following:

· Weight of gel content per ice pack

- The heavier, the better. For warm tropical climate, it is recommended to pick one with more than 300g of gel in each pack

· Dimension of ice pack

- For the same total volume of gel, better to have them packed in bigger sized packs rather than smaller sized packs. E.g. for a total of 900g of gel, consider the following:

o 3 packs of 300g each - MORE Effective

o 5 packs of 180g each - LESS Effective


· Place ice pack flat in freezer for 8 hours prior to each use

· When used in a cooler bag or cooler box, place the ice pack on top or side of items to be cooled

· For optimum results, place 2 to 3 pcs of ice pack to keep breastmilk chilled at ideal temperature for a longer period.

Recommended Use:

· To chill breastmilk

· To chill food and drink (e.g. picnics at the park; long road trips)

· To reduce injury swelling

· Temporary relief of headache or fever


· This item is for cool use only. Do not place in microwave oven or other heating elements

· When used on children, adult supervision is required at all times

· Keep away from children when not in use

· Discontinue use and discard pack when punctured


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