Tuesday, October 11, 2011


dress for nur aisyah
argh...sebenarnya agak poning
try tu transfer ,ducted ...my stress anywhere
can i ducting my stress to chiller 
and supply it to all space ..haha..mengarut sudah..
i just feel wuek..
bila tengok kerja yang tak sudah..
tender,maintenance plan..
service report
but need to attend  other things..
but is good..
5 chiller with 3500 ton 
4 duty 1 standby
just ragu ragu..
chiller water pump ,secondary pump,condenser water pump

4 duty 1 standby..em..boleh support ker?
here..2 baby chiller ,2 chiller
got 6 pump..
em..im not the expertise
can they make it DCS..
kan cawangan sana already use ice thermal
piping jer lah..bulih ker??

hope they dont over look..
about RH,24 hour room..
supaya no need to
add on split unit..
humidity fire
just suggestion..:)
 RH,heater..or whatever..

have suggestion to make RC tank in side building
first time i dengar +)

i get more input but
tak syoknya
my work..timbun-timbun atas meja
tak beres huhu

apa dah ngarut nie..
nak citer sal ..jahit baju..
baju tok nur aisyah
chomel tak..


  1. mak lang linda,buat satu dress kat nely jugak,lawa laaa..;p

  2. mak long,kita nie jahit baju makan bulan2 baru siap:)...hihihi...bulih sabar ker??


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