Wednesday, January 25, 2012


bill do not mean for anythings!
er sound like lepas geram kot.....
em..tahlah..please hati nie tolong lah ikhlas
biarlah orang nak buat apa..
event it clearly state..on that paper
but it still nothing..
i think every month i will be like this..
every month i received that i be feel like this...
er..this is not fair..
if anything to be clear please lah ..
dont hide...cakap jer lah..
sakit mata tengok amount on paper..er

masih tak boleh terima kot..
banyak sunggh hidden cost.....
and hope sangat..
manusia kat dunia lebih ikhlas kalau menolong..
janganlah nak mengharap itu ini bagai..
lastly jangan lah cekik darah orang..
and paling utama..
we are not request for that...but
er...we still need to accept that..all that..

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