Friday, April 27, 2012

DRESS :) tapi jadi lain..

view sikit pasal
edisi jahit menjahit
come out with 
beautiful dress
for nur aisyah.. 

actually this entry
just for rest my mind..
1 day MC i got dis on my table..
er...nothing to say..
but im happy with my work..IKHLAS tau..

and right now pun tengah 
berhempas pulas for analisa tender..
i just poning dok looking 
for nice ..
on that paper...
yg poningnya
coz..at early morning
i dah take part for "MEMBEBEL" pada kon.
or nice to say..taskirah..
every time need to reminder
huhu..should i make a letter..
so sweet kan kalau dapat surat..
ponat wei bebel hari-hari
for the same things.. 

sepatutnya..they have their own
responsible ..
not simply give nonsense reasons..

   serious cakap..
i really love do my job
event setimbun mana pun..
document, tender..work order...or wat ever
tapi aku tul2 feed up
ng org yg suka tipu+malas nak buat kerja
just suka bagi banyak alasan..!!

dah..lari topik lagi....nak label apa nie..
em...sambung kerja:)

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